News Reporting, Columbia, and Pocket Notes

Jose Luis Adriano
A new beginning.

I opened this blog on September 23, 2010. At that moment, I was a junior student at Universidad de Guadalajara, the second biggest public university in Mexico after the UNAM. The career was Journalism, and I was required to open this blog as a portfolio for upcoming homework in several classes. Pretty much like today, in 2020, being asked to open a new blog (or using an existing one) for News Reporting Class, but this time in the University of Missouri (or MU, as the stylebook indicates). 

That's how I decided to reuse my blog, the one that I maintain active over all these years with notes, chronicles, news, and, mostly, personal stories. In the course of the last 10 years I've lived in Ciudad Guzman (Jalisco), Merida (Yucatan), San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas), Mexico City (Mexico), and now, Columbia (Missouri, United States). This blog is an electronic witness to the memories I've collected in those places.

Fall 2020: I will be a reporter for The Missourian, Columbia's most relevant newspaper. I will be covering the State Government for the next 5 months, where I hope to learn new skills and share valuable moments with my classmates and editors, even if they are over Zoom meetings. This blog post is my first assignment, and I'll be sharing regular updates about my class and experiences.

By the way: I been thinking about what could be the most accurate translation of my blog's name. "Pocket Notes", I guess.