First time at the Capitol

Along with some classmates and colleagues from my beat, I went for the first time to the State Capitol. The reason was covering a series of hearings from special Committees as well as a Congress' session.

I volunteered to cover a hearing from a Joint Committee about Transportation. It was interesting because I got the chance to get to know a little bit more about the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Department of Revenue, and what their challenges were when the pandemic hit.

The Department of Transformation, for instance, is responsible for building bridges and roads, and it's facing losses in revenue. On the other hand, the Department of Revenue is trying to adapt its systems to drive license appointments over the phone and website. 

But mainly, it was interesting getting to know the state's Capitol, their Chambers, and the Gov's office when we attended a press conference. I used to cover technology, so I'm nookie about covering politics and the government. I'm learning and understanding a lot in this beat.