My first front cover story

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After almost three weeks of working on that story, it finally got published. And it was the front cover story. The first thing I did that morning, was running to the No Gas and buy a copy of the newspaper.

I first came up with the idea of writing a piece about the international students who were not able to come at all this fall to Mizzou, whether because they had issues with their visas or for other obstacles due to Covid-19. I got my visa issued just the day before I flew over to Columbia, so that was the hint for a possible story about other student's situations.

The main character of my news was Setsabile Shiba, a future student at MU, she is from Swatini, near South Africa, and she could not make it to Columbia because there were not any airport open. I spoke to her over a very interesting video call, after contacting her in a Facebook group. I hope to meet her next semester when she finally arrives.

Here's a link to the full story. I hope you like it.