Stories from GA

I have to be honest. I'm still not sure if I like or not my general assignment's shifts.

Last Friday, I wrote about two 9/11 events held in the city. One was celebrated by MU's authorities, and the other by a local NGO. But I only found out about those events until they were already happening, and I felt terrible for not having a schedule or something similar upfront. I recovered the news by doing some calls and thanks to some press releases. 

As I have been told, Sundays are usually slow, and that's probably one reason I don't like very much that particular shift. This past Sunday, I wrote about the Police investigating a shooting incident during the night, after waiting several hours for something newsworthy.

But I also learned a lesson: I’ll have to be more proactive. Starting this week, I'll try to apply a new approach for my GA's shifts. I'm already trying to do some research and sending some emails that could allow me to pitch stories ideas. If it turns out to be a slow day at the shift, I will use that time to write my own stuff. 

Let's see how it goes.