The weekend shift

That's how the newsroom looks like on a Sunday morning. Pandemic times, of course.

GA stands for General Assignment. And if you are in the GA team, you'll have to write any news assigned to you. On my first shift, I produced two pieces that got published on the Missourian website.

The first one was a hard one. The family of Ahmonta Harris, an activist that got killed in 2018, finally won a lawsuit against the City after fighting for gathering records related to his death. I had to read all the context, and then I called the family's lawyer to interview him, and I produced a 7 paragraph story that explained what happened. It took me almost all Friday.

On Sunday, I was assigned to write a text about a man who died in a crash accident. It was the first time I wrote something like that, and I was not sure where should I talk to the victim's relatives or not. I even found their phone number, but in the end, I just wrote about the accident

I feel super slow writing these assignments. I'm usually faster in Spanish. But I'm getting the hang of it.